You just take in a new fad of motorcycling, and it’s time to get yourself a protective headgear. Umpteen models, colors, prices, etc. on the market may confuse you at first; therefore it’s essential that you should be well-informed of basic information regarding motorcycle helmets, including your head size. Correct measurement will be a nice kick-off point with any helmet brand or model you are fond of. Then you can choose what suits your need best. Below mentioned is how to properly measure your helmet size. Please keep in mind that a perfect fit must be the combination of your head size and your head shape.

Sizing Motorcycle Helmet

Head Size

It is recommended the sizing process should be done with support of a friend, so your measurement will be more accurate. All you need is a measure tape, or a strip of cloth, plus a pen/pencil, perhaps, to note your numbers. To begin with, use the tape or strip to wrap around the fullest part of your head – this area stays a half inch above your eyebrows – and measure it at the forehead. Get the number, then refer to a reliable Size Chart and look for your helmet size. You can take advantage of the below:

Size Hat Size Circumference
(Adult) Cm Inch
S 6-3/4″ – 6-7/8″ 55 – 56 21-3/4″ – 22-1/4″
M 7″– 7-1/8″ 57 – 58 22-1/2″ – 23
L 7-1/4″ – 7-3/8″ 59 – 60 23-1/4″ – 23-1/2″
XL 7-1/2″ – 7-5/8″ 61 – 62 23-3/4″ – 24-1/4″
XXL 7-3/4″ – 7-7/8″ 63 – 64 24-1/2″ – 25″
XXXL 8″ – 8-1/8″ 65 – 66 25-1/4″ – 25-3/4″
XXXXL 8-1/4″ – 8-3/8″ 67 – 68 25-3/4″ – 26-1/4″

Head Shape

Knowing your head shape is a major factor to decide on which helmet fits you most. When it comes down to human head shapes, there are roughly 03 main types. Long oval heads have significantly longer front-to-back measurement compared with side-to-side one. Intermediate oval heads have slightly longer front-to-back measurement and most motorcycle headgears are shaped into this type.  A round oval head’s front-to-back measurement is nearly the same as that of side-to-side. One you are better aware of your head measurement, you can narrow down your options and purchase a perfect helmet at ease.

Obviously this is just a start, and you should research more for helmet styles, features, brands, or colors. If you are a fresh beginner, it is advisable that you should visit a real store or a flea market, in which you can find lots of unique stuff, rather than make an online purchase. Salespeople there will consult you about everything: whether you need a face shield, or if you should use a headgear with full coverage. Above all, you can try on any helmets you want. It will bring you real feels and touches and your final say will be more sensible. Be prepared and enjoy the ride. You can find best motorcycle helmet 2017 here